Environmental and Social Responsibility Matter.

I believe in fostering safe and healthy living conditions for all, and have done my best in this project to create something new while honouring the earth and all its inhabitants. Sustainability is a work in progress. I look forward to the growth of the organic garment industry and what lies ahead!

Natural fibers


Using natural fibers ensures that garments are super soft, long-wearing, and won't shed synthetic fibers (a form of microplastic pollution) into to the earth's waterways. Some of our shirts may be sewn with polyester thread or trim because of performance issues with natural threads.

A field of organic cotton


Organic farming practices put the earth first by sequestering carbon, supporting biodiversity and protecting the health of agricultural workers. All of the shirts we sell are GOTS certified organic which ensures both organic growing methods and also a socially responsible supply chain.



Our shirts are manufactured in safe and fair workplaces in the USA (New York, California, Pennsylvania and New Jersey) and Mexico (Baja California).  Garments are made using low impact processes that protect both people and the planet including non-toxic dyes and recycled water.

Compostable Packaging


Orders are shipped in compostable paper mailers made with 100% recycled paper and printed with algae ink. When you're done with the packaging, you can recycle, compost, or burn it in a ceremonial fire while cursing single-use-plastic. It's up to you!