• A yellow organic cotton t-shirt featuring a marigold graphic, lovingly restored from a vintage illustration by Rare Breed.
  • Olive green tree-lover t-shirt

Our first T-shirt collection features art that was originally published in the 1700-1800's. With some careful restoration, these historical images have been given new life as wearable art. Each T-shirt has a story - check out each product listing to learn more!

New to the website: A limited edition run of beautiful indigo tie-dye sweatshirts!
These shirts are the result of a collaboration with another earth loving Ontario business called Muskoka Tye Dye. We hope these shirts will keep you cozy as the days grow cool ♥

  • Tree - Eco-friendly packaging on all our T-shirts.

    All orders are shipped in 100% recycled & compostable paper envelopes because we all know the world doesn't need more plastic!

  • 100% Organic Cotton T-shirts for Women

    No synthetic pesticides or fertilizers were used to make these shirts - which reduces impacts on the whole interconnected web of life, including people, beneficial insects, water, earth and sky.

  • Responsibly Made in North America (T-shirts Made in USA and Mexico)

    Keeping production close to home means North American labour and environmental standards are upheld, and finished garments don't travel as far.